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Charles Carpenter - Frog a la Peche CD 10$

Released: US, 19 Oct 1994, Style: Abstract, Experimental, Prog Rock, Avantgarde

“Charles Carpenter’s second release explores the rarely visited radically different world of Bohlen Pierce tuning in this exciting collection of powerful, elaborate instruments. Frog a la Peche incorporates elements of classical, avant-garde, jazz, and progressive-rock all into one highly original listening experience.”

One of the first Bohlen Pierce albums, 5 long tracks full of tasty BP jams by the great Charles Carpenter clocking in at a full length.

Charles Carpenter - Splat! CD 12$

Released: 1996, Style: Avant-Garde Prog-Rock

10 tracks of Bohlen Pierce instrumental progressive rock madness.

Last Sacrament - Enantiodromia CD 12$

Released: 2013, Style: Death Metal

Florida metal band playing thrashing death metal in 16-tones.

Last Sacrament - Enantiodromia LP 18$

Vinyl version released 2014


Last Sacrament - Maniacal Meditations CD - EP

Released: 2014, Style: Death metal

16-tone 4-track EP full of microtonal guitar shred

Mercury Tree - Cryptic Tree CD-R 11$

Released: 2018, Style: Prog-Rock, Math-Rock, Metal

Progressive microtonal band from Portland, Oregon. Professionally printed CD-r. Very limited, once these are gone they will be sought for!

Brendan Byrnes - Neutral Paradise CD-R 11$

Released: 2017, Style: Rock, Ambient Rock, Psychedelic Rock,

Based in L.A., Brendan Byrnes new release boasts 12-tracks of heavy xenharmonic guitar tones and wild synth timbres and melodies. Brendan has a knack for exploring new and difficult scales with ease. From straight ahead driving synth and guitar rock tunes with vocals to ambient soundscapes. This is a great must-have xenharmonic release which is highly limited!